Connor Ostrow

Fiddle Instructor
July 2022
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Connor is a Nashville fiddler and tour guide for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. His passion for art and history have led him to play all styles of music and to work for one of America’s largest and most popular museums.

Connor grew up in the hometown of many great artists such as Doris Humphrey, Ernest Hemmingway, Frank Lloyd Wright and Ludacris. Oak Park and its support for music and the arts started him on his musical journey. Before he could drive, Connor won first prize at the Illinois State Fair Fiddle Championship and was performing regularly in country/folk, rock, and classical music styles across the Chicagoland area. Once is his later teens, Connor began traveling throughout the Midwest and upper south to play music with a variety of groups, and this eventually lead him to where he is today in Music City, USA.

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